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Welcome to Our Product Updates Blog!

Welcome to Our Product Updates Blog!

Hello everyone, and thank you for visiting our web store! 

As we have evolved in how we bring our products to market, we found we needed a way to communicate with those who visit the store, whether it be for preorder items, or any other variety of topics. 

This blog will serve as a great point of information, where you can visit if you have questions or just want to stay in the know about our upcoming products.

For our first post, we have a lot to cover:

Q: I preordered a recent crowdfunding effort directly from your website. When can I expect it? 

A: It's important to understand the difference between late backing one of our projects (through Gamefound) or purchasing directly through our web store. If you've completed your purchase through our webstore, you won't get updates on Gamefound/Kickstarter like you would if you backed a project through there. Moving forward, this blog will serve as the bridge in that communication gap! So if you are currently waiting on Arcana Rising, Campaign Trail 2nd Edition/Green Party Expansion, Ragnarocks or After the Empire, here is your most recent update:

The containers for all four projects have arrived in LA, and we are awaiting the unload and travel to our warehouse in St. Louis.  Once they arrive in our warehouse, and we're able to complete fulfilment, we'll then turn our focus to the preorders. 

Q: I preordered some Champions of Midgard content (Dice promo/Game Mat/Base Game) from you, when can I expect that to ship?

These items are also sitting in the port in LA, and will likely arrive around the same time our crowdfunding games will. If you were a backer and added the promo to your pledge, your promo will ship with your pledge. If you ordered any of these items directly from our website, you'll get a shipping notification and tracking information once those items begin to ship from our warehouse. 

Jun 30th 2022 Grey Fox Games

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