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Crowdfunding Update Summary/International Orders Issue/Pre-Orders Update/Parts Requests

Crowdfunding Update Summary/International Orders Issue/Pre-Orders Update/Parts Requests


EU: If you haven't received a shipping notice, check your pledge in Gamefound to make sure you've paid your VAT. You should read this update for more information, and a step-by-step course of action for you to take: The good news is, we still have a game for you. We just have to get your taxes sorted! Canada: Board Game Bliss is expected to start sending the final remaining orders out Jan 11. 

US: We are aware there are still backers who received a shipping notification but have yet to see movement on their tracking. We are working with GtG to ensure these pledges are actually sent out, and will make sure absolutely everyone receives their pledge. Thank you to those who have notified us they are having issues. 

Asia: VFI has completed the fulfillment process. If you haven't received your game, please let us know. 

AUS/NZ: VR Distribution is awaiting a second shipment of stock to complete their final batch of fulfilment. This stock should reach them by the end of the year. 

Rest of World: All packages will be sent from our St. Louis warehouse, but see the section below for more information.


We are down to our final 100-200 preorders (there was a ton! Thank you everyone for your support!) but unfortunately, we've hit a bit of a snag. 

We are having trouble with our international shipping company that is preventing us from sending these out at the moment. A bulk of the remaining preorders are orders outside the US (but not all). 

We are working our way through this issue with our carrier, and then these international orders will get out the door as quickly as possible. We want to make absolutely certain that your packages will reach you, and so we want to make sure our problem is solved before we start sending these out. 


Unfortunately, these items are on about an 8-12 week delay from the point of request right now. There are several factors in play, including our short-staffed warehouse, the delays in fulfilment, and the above mentioned issue with our international shipping carrier. 

We are going to make every effort to shorten that window as best we can, but we are trying to be as open as possible, which is you're likely to experience a significant delay. 


Thank you to everyone who participated in the Bazaars of Ubar campaign! We're thrilled to be able to bring the game to life, and look forward to everyone getting it to their table. If you missed out, don't worry, we'll make late pledges available as soon as the pledge manager is open!


Regardless of which of these sections apply to you, we wanted to give thanks to all of you as we get close to the end of the year. We know this has been a challenging 12 months for a lot of people in a lot of ways, and we wanted to say how appreciative we are of everyone's patience and support. It really means a lot to our small staff. 

We hope everyone has a safe and enjoyable holiday season, and we look forward to bringing more great games to your tables in 2023!

Dec 23rd 2022

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