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Tortuga 2199 KS Pre-order

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  • Tortuga 2199 KS Pre-order
  • Tortuga 2199 KS Pre-order
  • Tortuga 2199 KS Pre-order

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This pre-order bundle includes the Kickstarter version of Tortuga 2199, the Shipwreck Bay Expansion, and all accompanying stretch goals. This product will ship in Q1 of 2021. Welcome Space Pirate! We hope you are up to the challenge! You and all your opponents are trying to become the most powerful and influential Pirate Captain in the lucrative but dangerous planet, Tortuga! It will be up to you to unite the anarchistic plans and sectors under your rule before someone beats you to it. Along the way you will upgrade your ship and hire new scurvy dogs to your crew. You will fight horrific space beasts to show your worth and board other captains ships for plunder and glory! As your successes mount, your influence over this lawless area of space will grow, until one of the players claims victory and becomes the Pirate Lord of Tortuga! Good luck Space Captains and may the solar winds always be at your back!

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