New Content for Last Light!

by on January 30, 2023

We've received some sample components for Last Light, and we are making some awesome new ones available!

First off, the stuff you knew about. Here's the first product sample for the combat dice. The green-on-black die needs some work, but the rest are looking great! 

This game is tremendous, and it's going to look phenominal on your tables. We can't wait to have the complete picture. 

Speaking of the complete picture, we are adding to it! The first addition: We are partnering with the golden standard of organization -- Game Trayz -- to put together an organizer solution. 

The second addition: We are creating a set of hand-poured resin planets, including a light-up LED star for the center of the board! These are going to look beyond amazing, and we will have more images shortly, but here's a quick sneak peek!

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