Out of Stock? Back in Stock!

by on May 18, 2023

Good news everyone! As we've cleaned up our inventory and storage locations, we've come across a very limited number of some previously thought to be out of print items!

If you had previously missed out on Tsukuyumi: Full Moon Down, we have a Ding and Dent sale going on! Be advised that many of these games do have some cosmetic damage to the boxes, so just know that the discounts come as a result of those imperfections. As a result, we won't be providing new boxes for these items. But if you're looking to grab most of the content at a fantastic price, we've got a small quantity available.

Additionally, we also came across what are believed to be the final copies of the current printing of For Science! We thought we had shipped the last of the initial run, but came across a couple of cases left over from a convention so we have a few more copies to share. But these are definitely all that remain, so snag this highly acclaimed Co-Op dexterity game while you can!

Lastly, a quick update on our fulfilment. As many of you know by now, we've had to take over fulfilment of our recent projects due to some unfortunate missteps by Greater Than Games. Unfortunately, we just weren't satisfied with how quickly they've been able to get the last of you your copies of After the Empire, Ragnarocks or Campaign Trail. 

Most if not all of those outstanding pledges should have received an e-mail from us, letting you know what is going on. But some of you haven't replied to that message, and we need your reply! So please make sure to check your spam folders. If you are still waiting for your pledges form these campaigns, please make sure you notify us by filling out our contact form. 

Thank you to everyone for their patience as we work to get these projects wrapped up and finally in the hands of all of our fantastic supporters.