Updated Playtesting Details/Fulfilment Updates

by Shopify API on March 18, 2023

Hello everyone!

Some quick updates for you. If you've been following along with our recent fulfilment efforts for our latest Kickstarters (Ragnarocks, After the Empire & Campaign Trail) you'll know that we have unfortunately had a very difficult time closing out the programs thanks to some troubles our fulfilment partner, Greater Than Games, is having. 

The process has been going on for far too long, we're going on almost 6 months now since we started, and we just don't see enough progress. So we are moving forward with a plan to take all the remaining stock and outstanding orders back into our warehouse to complete fulfilment on our own. 

This unfortunately is a bit more difficult than it sounds at face value. We need Greater Than Games to provide the information on what has been mailed and what hasn't, and we need them to palate up our remaining stock so we can retrieve it and have it sent to our warehouse. 

We've sent multiple requests for this to happen, and as of yet, we haven't seen any movement. We understand this has been a very frustrating process for some of you, and we share in that frustration as well. We are looking forward to getting everyone what they are owed and we're sorry this has happened.

In other news, some of you are very much aware that our replacement parts process has been overwhelmed with all these fulfilments going on at the same time, and the subsequent difficulty. The good news is, we are finally starting to make headway. We called in some extra hands to help, and we've knocked out roughly 50% of our outstanding parts requests. There are still quite a few to go, but we're seeing significant movement for the first time in a while, so just know we are working to get those replacements to you as quickly as we can. 

For those of you looking to get more involved in playtesting, a heads up that we are making our sessions a bit more formal, in the sense that we are going to have regular playtesting times where we will be testing SOMETHING during these times every single week. 

So on Tuesdays and Thursdays, if you're in our Discord server, you'll be able to jump in a playtest session at 9pm CT. Additionally, we'll be running at least one session every month on a Wednesday at 11 am, to try and accommodate our non-US playtesters at a time that's a bit more convenient for them. 

One last item, we know there are some of you that are still waiting on some preorders for Champions of Midgard content, specifically the dice promo and playmats. We are staging the last of those preorders to go out, and expect them to be leaving our warehouse in the very near future. So keep an eye on your inbox for your shipping notices!

Thank you to everyone for your continued patience, it's been a difficult six months, but we're hopeful that the end is near.