World of Midgard Expands Tomorrow!

by Shopify API on September 04, 2023

We hope you'll join us for the expanding of the World of Midgard tomorrow on Kickstarter!

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Two new games join the Midgard universe: Clans of Midgard and Reavers of Midgard: The Card Game.

Clans of Midgard is a draft, write, and fight game in which players play as leaders of Viking clans seeking to gain glory!

Conquer territory, fight monsters, sail the seas in your drakkar, collect powerful runes, and honor your warriors who have passed onto Valhalla.

The player who best achieves these goals will earn the most glory and be forever remembered as a Hero of the Viking Age!

Reavers of Midgard: The Card Game will pit Viking Lords against one another as they travel to far off lands in search of battle and the lucrative spoils of war.

Each player will receive a hand of cards that is identical, and on these cards are the locations where you can travel. Before each round, valuable spoils will be placed on each destination, and each player will think carefully about where they want to go, and then select that card from their hand, placing it face down on the table.

The players will reveal their cards at the same time. If you are lucky enough to travel to a spot where no one else is present, all of the available spoils will be yours to claim. However, if one or more Viking Lords go to the same destination, the players will have to negotiate with each other to come up with a fair distribution of the items available. If they are unable to agree, the spoils will remain, and they will all suffer the consequences.

You can play Clans of Midgard on Tabletop Simulator right now, and Reavers of Midgard: The Card Game will be available on the platform soon!