EOS: Island of Angels Deluxe Edition Bundle
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EOS: Island of Angels Deluxe Edition Bundle

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    This bundle includes the deluxe base game and deluxe Nations expansion

    In the battle between angels and demons, there is only one side.

    EOS – Island of Angels is an asymmetric engine builder with exciting exploration mechanics for 1-5 players. As an adventurous captain, lead your crew into the unknown and make the world a better place by awakening the angels of ancient times who have been petrified in battle against the hosts of demons. Fight monstrous demons and perform various heroic deeds to bring the light back to the darkness-ridden world.

    The Nations expansion adds two new nations to the fight to make the world a better place.


    1 - 5

    Game Length

    120 Minutes

    BGG Complexity


    Where to play it online

    Tabletop Simulator


    Base Game

    Nations Expansion

    Global Components
    1 Double-Sided Game Board
    1 Chronicle track
    5 Protection tracks
    1 Destiny die
    12 Angel pawns
    1 Demon Lord pawn
    21 Epic Deed tiles
    12 Demon Lord tiles
    12 Demon Lord curse cards
    14 Angel hero cards
    48 Upgrade cards
    13 Epic Deed trophy cards
    10 Solo Mode cards
    20 Event cards
    60 Journey cards
    17 Objective cards
    5 Cheat Sheets
    6 Demon power markers
    27 Rank disks
    27 Moral cubes
    24 Blessing tokens
    6 Demon Lord placement tokens
    6 Shield Tokens

    Nation-specific Components (per nation)
    1 Nation board
    1 Ship card
    4 Nation journey cards
    5 Nation upgrade cards
    4 Coin markers
    7 Nation cubes
    1 Ship pawn
    5 Worker pawns
    24 Nation tokens
    1 Kraken card (Kwanan Nation only)
    1 Kraken pawn (Kwanan Nation only)

    Deluxe Edition Content

    25 Additional Journey cards
    8 Additional Trophy cards
    8 Additional Epic Battle cards
    10 wooden Angel pawns
    4 wooden Demon Lord pawns
    1 Black Ship wooden pawn
    1 White Ship wooden pawn
    6 wooden shield markers
    4 Additional Angel Hero cards
    1 Upgraded Destiny Die

    Nation Upgrades (per Nation)
    Upgraded Wooden player pawns/ships
    2 Additional journey cards
    Recessed player boards

    Color: Blue, Purple, White
    Size: 20, 24
    Material: 100% Polyester